The Planning and Development Services Department (PDS) offers a variety of services for our community. From community engagement through the development review process, PDS is dedicated to providing excellent service.

There are five divisions that make up PDS:

  • Building
  • Code Enforcement
  • Environmental Protection
  • Planning and Zoning
  • Property Management

Building is designed to help Sarasota County property owners, building contractors and permit agents with the permitting process.

Code Enforcement regulates the Code of Ordinances for building, environmental, and land development and investigates complaints.

Environmental Protection focuses on air and water quality, environmental permitting, and environmental planning to meet the community expectations for a high-quality environment.

Planning and Zoning focuses on development policies, codes, and neighborhood-level engagement.

Property Management acquires land and interests in land to accommodate projects in both the Capital and Non-Capital Improvement Programs.

Sarasota County has partnered with residents, businesses, and organizations to develop housing policies that balance the economic, environmental, and social needs of the community. These initiatives include the Englewood Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) and housing affordability.

The Englewood CRA is a public agency created to promote improvements and redevelopment in the area.